Victoria BrilzVictoria has been involved in the high tech market for over 30 years, starting as a systems engineer with IBM Canada, product manager at NovAtel Inc. and then Chief Commercial Officer and VP of Wireless at Dynastream Innovations, a high tech sports monitoring initiative she co-founded with her husband Kip Fyfe.

Dynastream introduced a number of new technologies to the sports monitoring arena and innovations in prosthetics. Most notable were the creation of a new category of monitoring for speed, implementing a patented inertial technology that first entered the market under the Nike brand in 2000 and the first innovation in ankle prosthetics to be introduced in over 20 years in Ossur Hg’s Proprio foot. Victoria’s persistence brought success to Dynastream’s ultra-low power wireless protocol ANT+, which defines a platform for sport and wellness manufacturers to collaborate in providing interoperable solutions for users worldwide.

Dynastream was acquired by Garmin Inc. in 2006. Victoria is back in wearables, this time as Chief Marketing Officer at 4iiii Innovations, a disruptive innovator in sports electronics and wearable technology. Her strength is in product management, marketing, and business development.