Mobile solutions, cloud technology, and connected devices are converging to create a new Artificial Intelligence that optimizes Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Management.

With scientists, statisticians, engineers, specialist healthcare professionals and nutritionists, the company has built DIABNEXT®, the first Diabetes A.I. that enables unique personalized metric analysis and decision making tools for doctors and patients to better manage pre-diabetes and diabetes.

DIABNEXT® is the combination of smart sensors, beautiful design, machine learning A.I. and deep understanding of diabetes.

DIABNEXT®’s technology creates brand new resources and provides access to an untapped knowledge base for researchers, clinicians, and patients by integrating the latest technologies into a one-stop innovative Diabetes care A.I.

Based in Boston, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangalore, DIABNEXT® owns many patents in Diabetes care, and won two CES Innovation Awards in the Biotech category with its “Bee Smart Diabetes Tracker” in 2015 and in 2017 for its latest innovation CLIPSULIN® .